Providencia stuartii

Providencia stuartii belongs to the family of enterobacteriaciae, is a gram-negative, oxidase-negative, catalase-positive, urease-positive rod. It is also a member of the Proteus-Providencia group.

Typically, P. stuartii is a nosocomial infective agent found in bacteriuric patients with long term catheterization of the urinary tract. In accordance with it’s nosocomial distribution, it is resistant to multiple antibiotics (abstract). P. stuartii isolated from the perineal skin of patients undergoing intermittent bladder catheterization, revealed that antiseptic chlorhexidine was effective against gram-positive organisms, but against gram-negative bacteria like P. stuartii, P. aeruginosa and P. mirabilis, that colonized this site and caused urinary tract infections. Since chlorhexidine resistance was not prevalent in other patients with UTI, the result suggests that the antiseptic use of chlorhexidine induces resistance in these organisms (abstract).

ESBLs of TEM and PER types were highly prevalent in both inpatients and outpatients carrying enterobacteraciae in Italy (article). Also betallo-betalactamases, VIM-1 and VIM-19, have been identified in a clinical isolates of P. stuartii (article1 and article2) conferring resistance to carbapenem antibiotics.

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